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NKFA tournaments

NKFA is now hosting several regular tournaments every season! Our competitive team is growing and getting better, and we want to invite you to come and compete with us!. Each tournament offers three events: Y14, E and Under and Open/Senior epee. Use AskFRED links on the right to sign up and accept the challenge! We hope to see you on the piste!

We have eight electronic scoring strips with overhead bungee setups, and each features triple mirrored-VSM display, visible anywhere along the strip! Spectators are welcome, although seating is limited. Our salle is on the second floor, so climbing stairs is required.

Our amazing space is a part of an old building that houses a craft rum and moonshine distillery with a great lounge. Second Sight Spirits provide food, beverages and distillery tours through out the day. Add stabbing fun from NKFA, and you have Team 301!

NKY Fencing Academy (NKFA)

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